‘My son’s dad is a serial sperm donor but I don’t mind, I want more of his kids’

After numerous attempts to get pregnant, a woman and her wife decided to start their family with the help of Kyle Gordy, a man known for being a serial sperm donor.

At just 30 years old, Gordy has already fathered 47 children all across the globe. However, this reputation hasn’t put the couple off at all, and they are now “extremely grateful” to him for helping them achieve their dream of having a child.

After trying numerous times to get pregnant, Angela Turrey, 35, and her partner came across “serial sperm donor” Kyle on TikTok and decided to use his sperm.

The pair have since welcomed their son, Avery, in July 2021, and say they’d like to have more children in the future – with Kyle being their first choice donor.

After realising they wanted to have children together, Angela and her wife initially tried intrauterine insemination (IUI), a fertility treatment whereby sperm is inserted directly into a woman’s uterus.

According to Angela, just one vial of sperm from the doctors, from an anonymous donor, cost £715 ($900) each time they tried. Unfortunately, after making 10 attempts, they still had no luck.

It was then that they began looking at other avenues, and came across Kyle. After reaching out, he soon put them at ease, and they regard his donation as a “selfless, kind” act.

Angela, who lives in California, US, said: “We were nervous to meet someone new and ask [him] to help us start a family.

“However, after speaking to him and knowing why he did this, leaving it in our hands regarding contact with the child, it changed our feelings completely.”

Kyle shared his methods, knowledge, and tips on conceiving successfully with the two women, who began the process straight away after his health screening came back clear.

Angela continued: “We met Kyle at his place and he gave us his donation in a soft disc. After handing this over, while in my car, my wife inserted the cup into me.

“We hoped this would take, but we felt so comfortable [with everything] and knew this could be a chance for pregnancy – it was very exciting. [After finding out I was pregnant] we were in shock, as it took on the first try with only one donation.

“We actually reached out to him last minute that month and he explained that he was helping someone else the night before. He asked if we were still comfortable [for him to donate] and we’re so happy we said yes.”

Going forward, the wives intend to use Kyle’s sperm again and hope to kickstart the process once more in a few months, schedules permitting.

Angela said: “One of the main reasons we used Kyle, was knowing that he has helped others start families which showed that he was able to get people pregnant.

“He was very upfront with how much he donates and this never pushed us away since we plan on being open to our son with everything as he gets older.

“We’ll leave it up to him [though] if he wishes to reach out to Kyle or his other ‘siblings.’ My wife and I are extremely grateful for people like Kyle, as we wouldn’t have our son if it wasn’t for him.”