Woman mortified after discovering date is married thanks to clue in bathroom

A woman has been left mortified after she spent the night with a man she met on a dating app – only to discover he was already married when she found a clue in his bathroom.

In a video on TikTok, the woman named Haley explained she had been chatting to a bloke on Tinder for some time and had asked him all the standard questions, including whether he was in a relationship, to which he said he was divorced.

She said the man claimed he lived alone but had been cagey about inviting her over, until one night he told her he was free and asked if she wanted to come and hang out at his house.

Haley agreed and the pair ended up sleeping together – but she immediately regretted her decision when she saw the contents of the man’s bathroom.

In her video, she said: “I’d been talking to this guy on Tinder for about two weeks, and I asked all the questions like ‘do you have kids?’ and all that stuff. He said he doesn’t have kids and he’s divorced and lives alone.

“Every time I tried to catch up with him he was like, ‘I can’t at the moment’. But I get a text from him saying he’s free and asking if I want to go over and hang out.

“I came over, everything went well, we’re in the lounge just chatting and talking, and then things move to the bedroom.”

The woman, who posts under the username @inkedhaley, asked to use the bathroom “after the bedroom stuff”, and was initially confused by the bloke’s reaction, as he hesitated before saying yes.

And when Haley entered the bathroom she realised why – as there were hair products, make-up, and a pink toothbrush laying alongside the man’s things, indicating there is a woman who lives in the house with him.

She added:“ I went into the bathroom and as I’m looking around I see this towel covering this thing. It was a shelf. I looked over and there were two toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder, one of them was pink.

“And I saw hair products and stuff – he’s bald so he doesn’t need that stuff.”

The woman then confronted her date, who admitted to actually still being married, despite initially telling her he was divorced.

She said: “Then when I came out I was like, ‘Hey, I’ve got a question for you, are you in a relationship?’

“And he’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry, I should have told you, I’m married.’

“I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I felt so angry because that is so not me.”

Since posting her initial video, Haley has reached out to the man’s wife and filmed herself returning to the house to speak with her and tell her what had happened.

Haley did not show the other woman in her video, but she could be heard asking questions about what happened before admitting she isn’t “feeling good”.

And Haley told her: “I’m so sorry, I hate to be the person to tell you this, but a lot of people have been saying to me that I should let you know, and I would feel bad keeping this up and not having you know that … It only happened one time. Thank you.”