Mum shares genius trick to warm up children’s freezing paddling pools in a jiffy

Let’s set the scene – it’s summer time, and it’s one of those glorious days where it feels like you could well be abroad. You’ve slathered the SPF 50+ on yourself and the kids, and you’ve got sunglasses and sun hats on all round.

You know it’s probably going to be throwing it down tomorrow (typical British weather ), and your kids are mithering you to get the paddling pool out.

It’s a gorgeous day, you’re in a good mood, so you happily oblige. It means you might be able to sunbathe (maybe not in peace, but it’s better than nothing) and read a chapter of that book you’ve been meaning to pick up for the last couple of months.

You quickly throw some shorts and a vest on and head outside to locate where you stored the inflatable paddling pool last year.

You find it, blow it up, and fill it up with water. But then your kids dip a tentative toe in and complain that it’s too cold and they couldn’t possibly get into it because it’s ‘freezing.’

If this is a situation that sounds all too familiar, one mum has a clever hack to warm up paddling pool water quickly – and you only need one simple thing you’ll certainly have lying around.

First-time mum Autumn Grace took to her Instagram Reels to share the clever tip, explaining: “If your pool is too cold for your children, a quick and easy way to warm it up is by placing black trash bags over the top.”

This is because dark colours are better absorbers of light and heat, so by putting the black sacks across the water, you are giving it the chance to absorb light and heat from the sun – cleverly warming up the water in the process.

Rest assured there will be no complaining kids in your garden this year!

Autumn said: “This is one of the best mum hacks for the summer.”

We couldn’t agree more.

She was quickly praised in the comments section by other parents, one of whom commented: “This page is EVERYTHING!! I feel really prepared for the next one.”

“Thanks for this girl!” another wrote.

Others insisted you could use warm water in the pool to stop the need for using the rubbish bags.

“My mother used to boil water on the stove to warm up my granddaughter’s pool water,” one wrote.

“The things grandmas do for their grandchildren!”

As another added: “We use warm water.”

Someone else pointed out that logistically that could be a nightmare though, writing: “My outside tap only dispenses cold water so I have to get hot water in a bucket from inside and make multiple trips.

“Quite the inconvenience and water starts to get cold by the time I’m done lol.”