Hilarious dog’s ‘instant regret’ after pleading owner to take him on a walk in hammering rain

A hilarious dog’s ‘instant regret’ after pleading his owner to take him on a walk in hammering rain has gone viral.

Alfred, the Boston Terrier, was eager to go for a walk with his owner but he was soon left regretting his decision after being confronted with the rainy reality of the weather in Wales.

Alfred’s owner Sarah Hopkins filmed the dog’s brilliant reaction before, during and after being taken out on his walk, WalesOnline reported.

After Sarah uploaded the clip to TikTok, it has been viewed over 5.8 million times and received nearly one million likes.

In the viral video, Alfred sits in the front of the car looking longingly at Sarah and whining, as he looks to convince her to take him out for a walk despite the rain pouring down outside.

Reluctant to take him out, Sarah asks him: “What? But it’s raining. You okay to get wet? You’re going to get wet, mind, and it’s really rainy. It’s absolutely hammering it down, it’s cold.”

Although Sarah warns him about the bleak weather, Alfred keeps up his protests and is eventually taken out on a walk, with the wind battering the pair as they make their way through muddy puddles.

The clip then cuts back to the car, with Alfred once again sat on the passenger seat, only this time he’s wet through and not making a sound.

Sat looking extremely sorry for himself, he begins to shiver when Sarah asks him: “Do you want to go back out?”.

She adds: “Well, that’s a change of tune isn’t it? Was it too cold for you? Do want to go home? Is that what you want to do?”

The clip has won Alfred a huge number of fans on TikTok with his hilarious reactions.

One user commented: “He goes, ‘I immediately regret this decision’. Also he’s so adorable I just want to snuggle him.”

Viewers were left in hysterics at his immediate change of heart and instant regret as one user said: “That is instant regret lol”.

While others were laughing at Alfred’s expressions, many dog lovers in the comments were also feeling bad for the cute Boston Terrier.

And some users joked they were unsurprised by the less than favourable weather conditions. “Wet and windy? In Wales?,” asked one. “Surely not!”.