Mum fuming after teacher ‘shames’ son by giving him ‘zero award’ in class

Teachers all have their own methods and styles to inspire the younger generation – but not everyone may agree with the way they go about this.

One mum has recently been left furious after a teacher at her son’s school allegedly ‘shamed’ the teenage boy by giving him a ‘Zero Award’ in class.

Patricia Buckley, who lives in Leake County, Mississippi, instantly knew something was wrong with her child when she went to pick 14-year-old Bradley up from school.

Speaking to Mississippi TV network WAPT, she described him as looking “balled up like he was ashamed” when he got into their car.

After asking what was wrong, the parent soon found out that he had been presented with a “horrible” award.

Bradley’s teacher had given him a certificate which reads: “The ‘Zero’ Award. It’s impossible to be me. Don’t try. You’ll never find a solution.”

The youngster admits the situation left him “sad”.

He said: “I was feeling sad and I didn’t want to give it to her.”

Furious on her son’s behalf, Patricia called the school office to find out more about the award and why it had been given out.

“I think it was so horrible for him to get this award,” she told the TV network.

“I’m going to do what I can do for this to never happen again. Not just to Bradley, but any child.”

She added that she’s spoken to her Leake County Schools superintendent multiple times, but is yet to hear any solutions.

Her son wants to return to the school, but she is considering enrolling Bradley elsewhere following the incident.

According to the network, it was the teacher’s first year of teaching.